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Your trusted Foreign Worker Recruitment agency @ Singapore 

Hunter Employment Pte Ltd is the professional foreign worker recruitment agency Singapore  which provides the Professional Foreign Worker Recruitment Services and Professional Foreign Worker Employment Services in Singapore. Hunter Employment Pte Ltd  is licensed with Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (MOM) with the licence number of 16C7938. 


We provide any kind of foreign workers recruitment solutions for our customers. We also provide consultancy service for Employment Contract Drafting and Foreign worker Employment Act consultancy.

We are experienced in handling foreign worker employment issues and disputes. Over the years, we have been helping our clients to resolve several difficult foreign worker employment related matters thanks to the experiences and knowledge of our team. 

In order to help our customers to get the right staff within the shortest period, we provide 5 steps of simplified foreign worker recruitment process as shown below:

Step 1: Identify skill set and qualifications needed for foreign workers selection.

Step 2: Understand employer's existing company's quota and workforce status. 

Step 3: Provide optimum and possible foreign worker employment solutions according to employer's need and existing quota and work force status

Step 4: Filter workers and arrange the most suitable candidates to attend interview with employer. 

Step 5: Arrange the selected foreign worker to arrive on time and arrange all of the necessary lodging, transportation etc for the foreign worker until he successfully gets the pass. 

We provide seamless operational process for the whole recruitment process for workers by:

1. Dedicated operational team to fetch foreign workers from airport, thumb print at MOM, bank account opening and medical check up. 
2. Dedicated manpower sourcing team to select the most suitable candidates.
3. Professional Employment agency personnel team to support all kind of workers' dispute within contractual period. 
Last but not least, Hunter Employment Pte Ltd also provides foreign manpower consultancy services and HR representative service to support employers who are facing issues and problems in employment and workers' dispute. 

Talk to us today to know more about our HR Representative service and Recruitment agency service !

Collaboration with 4S Accounting Pte Ltd

Hunter Employment Pte Ltd collaborates with 4S Accounting Pte Ltd , a professional accounting services provider, in HR payroll management.


4S Accounting Pte Ltd were founded by a few professional accountants providing accounting services singapore. By providing accounting service, taxation services, they also manage HR payroll for their clients. 

4S is definitely a great accounting services provider Singapore. Visit today!

Collaboration with Groopper Apps Pte Ltd

Hunter Employment Pte Ltd is collaborating with Groopper Apps Pte Ltd, a website design company in Singapore to develop foreign worker job portal for foreign worker to search for ideal job in Singapore directly.


Groopper Apps as a web design company Singapore will take care of the website design and web development of our job portal. 

Newsroom of Ministry of Manpower

All kind of announcement and news from Ministry of Manpower are here 

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